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Our Lady of the Woods

Chronological arrangement of Scripture in 365 daily readings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thematic Arrangement of Ecclesiastes

Preliminary Problem: All is Vanity
Ecc. 1:1-7, 9-18
Ecc. 2:18-23
Ecc. 4:1-6

Vanity of Work
Ecc. 6:1-9

Vanity of Words
Ecc. 1:8
Ecc. 5:1-6
Ecc. 6:10-11
Ecc. 10:12-15

Vanity of Riches & Pleasure
Ecc. 2:1-11

Vanity of Life: Death Comes to All
Ecc. 2:12-17

Vanity of Life: All Die, but to a Different Place
Ecc. 3:16-22

Vanity of Isolation
Ecc. 4:7-12

Vanity of Power
Ecc. 4:13-16

Ecc. 7:26-29

Keep Commandments/Time for Everything/Death Comes Unexpectedly/Ruling Over Others
Ecc. 8:1-9

Inequities of Retribution/Man can't find Wisdom by just Searching for it
Ecc. 8:10-17

Retribution Befalls all Equally
Ecc. 9:1-12

Wisdom is Better Than Strength/The Wise are not Remembered
Ecc. 9:13 - 10:11


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